Sunday, June 6, 2010


Oh my goodness........... WOW.... Blast from the past. I haven't been on this blog since, well, 2008!!!!!!!! WOW. WOW. WOWWW. Well, I'm 13 now. I moved to ANOTHER house... No more ATVs. BooOO!!!! But it's all good.
Long Beach was amazing last summer. I'm kinda sad I don't get to go again this year though!!! OH by the way, last summer I went to Long Beach for a month. HAHA.
Sac Ballet SUMMER INTENSIVE is almost here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so so so so excited.
UMmmmmm new blog, ... It's not a new URL, but I totally changed it up. Caillou is up next :D You'll see... Just click on the link, LOL. I'm excited for this one. Just give me time. But I promise Caillou will be next. MUAHAHAHA.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Hey dudes and dudettes. i haven't blogged in FOREVER. check out my other blogs! wow it's been A LONG TIME!!!!!! oh here are the links to my new blogs..., which is an adventure blog, and, which is a blog about birthdays and stuff.

this is my least fave blog because its soooooo all over the place, omygoshhh. so ya. I NEED TO MAKE A FORT OUTSIDE. hidden in the woods. bug-proof. oooooooo.

rock on dudes.

Monday, June 23, 2008

My friend is sleeping over tomorrow! I can't wait! I'll blog about what crazy things we do tomorrow and the next day.

Did you know that right brained people think more imaginatively and left brained people think more logically? Science has told (and maybe proved) that right handed people think more logically than left handed people!

By the way, I started a Bonsai Tree. If you don't know what a Bonsai Tree is, it's any type of tree that you train to stay little. It takes years and years to trim, wire and tie together a beautiful Bonsai!
Yesterday I planted a baby Silk Tree in a little pot. I am going to Bonsai that. It will be very cute, considering it will have little pink puffy flowers when it blossoms...

How you do Bonsai is that you have to restrict the roots so growth and development of the leaves and flowers is limited. That's how it stays pretty small.
You then trim, wire, ETC over time. It took 15 years for a silk tree to be perfect. I found that out by researching Bonsai silk trees! That is a long time!

I am also trying to re-root a money tree. That's when you cut a little sprout of the tree growing out of the tree off, and you immediatley put it in clean water. Then after a while, roots will appear.
You have to wait till the roots look strong enough to hold the tree up, then you can re-plant it into a little pot.
I am going to Bonsai my baby Money Tree. It will also be cute...

Why I chose to Bonsai a SILK tree is because they will grow in almost any soil and are very cooporative with weather. I still make sure it has enough water though. I water it when it's not so hot outside so it won't fry.
(Garden Tip:: water when it's morning or evening, not when it's really hot so your plants will not boil!)

I have my silk tree in a little tin pot. It compliments the shade of green the ferns are. My money tree is still re-rooting in a little vase of water.
I think my fingers are about to stop typing all together -- this is a long post!


Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday, June 20, 08 DRESS REHEARSAL

i am bored! two days ago my sister and i made a fort... it was cool. it's still behind our two hundred year old oak tree. the fort hasn't toppled over quite yet.... suprisingly... but the sheets used for walls always slide off............ does that count???
My dance studio's recital dress rehearsal is today. After next friday dance class is OUT!!! SUMMER BREAK !!! yay.. but then again I'm taking classes over the summer anyway... oh well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THe day after recital two of my friends are sleeping over! One I haven't seen in FOREVER! The other I see just about every wednesday but I still can't wait to see them both! I know them from homeschool.
SO ya...

Thursday, June 19, 2008


IT is SUMMER break !!!!!!!
I'm just gonna be RaNdOm because I want to be rAnDoM because I don't know why I want to be rAnDoM but i will be RaNdOm because OK i'll just stop now.
So much has happened since I last blogged!!! I got an ATV *my sis did too* , we got a BBQ and a fire pit, which i LLLOOOOVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE to roast marshmallows in, my dance recital dress rehearsal is TOMORROW, the actual SHOW is a week and a day from now (da 27) I'm having friends over like crazy and... uh... it's just summer break so that means SWIMMING!!! DUH
We are remodeling the yard! I'm soooo excited for how pretty it will look! I have uuhh... TEN or MORE mosquito bites just on my feet and legs... one on my shoulder... and that's it! That's because I roast marshmallows at night when they all come out... so ya.
doyy... I dunno wut else 2 say... C U L8ER??? well, ok BYES!!!


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

tuesday, april 15, 08

guess what -- i get another popsicle! haha!
my lizard has a vet appointment today. i hope he will be ok, because he is constipated!!!! hehe. then i have dance, then i get to come back home and blog. and THEN, i am probably going to sleep shortly after, or reading.
oh, and just in case you're wondering, i homeschool, so that's why i'm here at home right now!

on thursdays, i go to dinner at my cousin's house. first, i eat dinner, then i hang out with my cousin joey and my sister sydney, then i play nitendo with my boy cousins, wilson and ricky. wilson is four and ricky is my age. he's only two weeks older than i am.
well, gotta go have that popsicle!

Monday, April 14, 2008

ok, ok, ok... this is the last post for today! gosh!

alright already... just one more!!!
HAHA >>>>>>>>>>> :P i like popsicles. I want another one. hee hee.
i kinda wanna paint my toes, but also, if i do that, i'm gonna be up for another hour trying to make them perfect... ugh. i hate when you have to decide between having perfect toes or being perky and bright and happy in the morning.. but right now i choose perky, so yah. but otherwise, i would choose toes if it was an hour earlier.
hey, it's 11:11! my age twice! hahaha!!! anyhow, i gotta go check on my sister's blog and my cousin's blog. see you later???? ooooooh yeaah!! TOMORROW!!!